It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Oopsie..

Everything in my life got chaotic so suddenly, we just packed up and moved with my uncle with no prompt, selling the home that I’ve had the most childhood with! I allready miss it dearly 🙁

I’m currently watching the secret path in my native English class, it’s the only English class offered for my grade wich kinda sucks since it’s not really something I’m intrested In, its making it hard to focus! I hate being how I am because of it..

My friend let me borrow their copy of persona 5 and I’m honestly hooked! It’s so fun and I love turn based fighting games, they make it easier for me to plan ahead haha 😖 I wish I could be playing a game right now but my English teacher would probably yell at me causing me to cry, such is the life of an autistic cry baby!

Well I’m gunna sign out for now, I’ll remember to post tommorow!

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