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Goth blonde beauty in a rubber catsuit


I think it’s the sci-fi/spy movie geek in me that goes crazy for the black rubber catsuit, a staple of fetish fashion; none wear it so well as gorgeous Mad Sophie aka Fetish Dolly in this RubberDollies set from Amelia G & Forrest Black. Ms. Emma Peel would be scandalized; her own catsuit never zipped open at the crotch the way Sophie’s does, nor was Ms. Peel seen in heels quite this high. But Sophie’s improvements on the outfit are, to say the least, most appreciated.

Fetish Dolly Rubber Catsuit

Tatooed and pierced Rachel shows off in a classy hotel


If tattooed and pierced beauties are your flavor, Portland punk priestess Rachel Face is all that and more. With facial tats and piercings all over, she’s the brand of beauty I most adore. This BarelyEvil series from Amelia G & Forrest Black is shot in what looks like an ultra-classy hotel, which only accentuates Rachel’s punky hotness.

tattoo pierced Rachel Face

Vampire Dana Dark gets comfy in a coffin


If you like ‘em goth, you like ‘em like Dana Dark, with her jet hair, bloodred lips, perfect body and bat tats. Here, in this very goth GothicSluts set, she gets nice and comfy, mostly naked in photographer Forrest Black’s coffin — and where, I ask, could a beautiful deathrocker be more comfortabuls?

Vampire Dana Dark

12 days of Christmas


Don’t forget! We are still running a special for 1 year memberships. They are $65 instead of $85 until January 1st 2008!

We decided to wait until the end of GeekGirlsOnline’s presentation of the 12 days of Christmas, to announce all the new models on the site, as well as the new sets from existing models! :) So here they are!



Crazy Slutty
Crazy Slutty






Nyssa Nevers


Check out GeekGirlsOnline for more alt porn photography and models like this.

Michelle Aston Goes Santa on Elf Aiden Starr


Matching April’s candy cane and raising her Saint Nicki and a pervy lesbo elf are Michelle Aston and Aiden Starr. Who better than Aiden, then, to frolic as a green lipped corseted elf to Michelle Aston’s stiletto-heeled Santa? The answer is none, none more better. In these shots (also by Amelia G & Forrest Black), things go from playful to PLAYFUL if you know what I mean, and if two dirty girls are having fun then it’s these two. You are never going to see two hotter women getting it on in holiday costumes, I guarantee it. After some luscious shots detailing these two beauties’ very special attributes, they get delightfully busy, and strategic portions of both Santa’s and elf-girl’s wardrobe go bye-bye along with my holiday gloom, and probably yours too if you’ve got any taste in the ladies.

Michelle Aston Aiden Starr

Xmas in April Flores


I remember the first time I saw a photograph of April Flores on the cover of a coffee table book and she just took my breath away. I believe the book was by Carlos Batts who shoots for Blue Blood’s GothicSluts as well. I’m going to have to look for it in my cluttered bookshelves. This winter wonderland holiday series is shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black and there is such vibrancy of personality in these pictures. This busty beauty with her Coca-Cola can red hair and the candy cane dress and the actual candy cane she sucks seductively and then puts to good use . . . getting to see this set is the best holiday gift I could imagine. Wow, just wow.

April Flores Christmas

Cute Teen Reindeer Gift Package


Amelia G didn’t shoot this set, but her commentary on it in the BarelyEvil members area is, “Heidi is a cute reindeer with gift bows for the season. Everybody ready for the holidays? Got your virgins bound and your goat sacrifices stabled and your pig’s blood refrigerated and your ceremonial daggers sharpened? Good, good.” I just don’t know what I can add to that.

cute nude xmas teen

Hot Tattooed Goth Girl Naked with Chainsaw


I still have fond memories of Superna’s bud-endowed photo shoot from 4/20 — yummy AND aromatic, what’s not to love? Here she eschews the greenbud for a chainsaw in BarelyEvil photos taken at the home of horror legend (and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III screenwriter) David J. Schow. Is it just me, or is there something exceptionally erotic about a hot tatooed chick waving a chainsaw at you? Naked Superna cuts like a knife… but feels so right.

Superna Hollywood Chainsaw Massacre

Going digging for treasure in the glam-noir basement


Michelle Aston gets down and dirty, literally this time, digging around in a basement sporting high heels and chains. Whether she’s digging for treasure or just checking where the bodies are buried doesn’t matter much, since it’s all about the journey to the center of the Earth, innit? And the journey to Michelle’s hot, curvy, tattooed bod.

Horror model Cali Ford shows off for Barely Evil


I’ve long been a fan of Troma pictures actress, horror model, photographer, witchcraft devotee, artist and comic book star Cali Ford; it’s great to see this famous hot tattooed blonde in this gorgeous black & white BarelyEvil series from Amelia G & Forrest Black, where Cali starts out lusciously bikini-clad and ends up wearing nothing. Cali rules!

Cali Ford

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