Check out the latest fetish vixen on Amelia G and Forrest Black recently shot this exotic cutie for the hottest European fetish magazines, but you can see the whole hot series over on GothicSluts as well. Vima describes her take on fetish, explaining, “The fetish culture is not something that I just decided to enter one day. All my life, I’ve been attracted to the bizarre and esoteric. This just came out of it organically, it was never planned.” Vima is active on both sides of the camera lens and this versatile hottie is a switch. She says, “I love to be held down to no end and I equally love to watch my lover squirm beneath me… Nothing feels as good as being tied down, helpless and being a damsel in distress. I truly enjoy bondage and light S&M. I also really love cosplay.”

Sounds yummy. Check her out!