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Kitten Toxicated Helps Celebrate EroticBPM Upgrades!


EroticBPM just massively upgraded it’s members area, improving it’s robust community features, offering member blogs, all sorts of model interation options, and some really sexy new pictures and video as well! And to kick it all off, we thought we’d bring you this crazy hot young party girl! This super hot Kitten Toxicated series was recently shot while she was out at a rave, and we’d like to fully support hot girls in funfur removing their panties on the dancefloor! Check it all out now on EroticBPM!

A Hot Party Girl Named Nails at the Rave


Nails is another one of those fun crazy raver party girls that love to shoot spontaneous public nudity sets and send them in for all the folks at EroticBPM to enjoy. And we certainly appreciate it. This dirty little series seems to have been shot in the decrepit concrete bathroom during a massive musicfest and it really looks like it would be super fun to be there with her.

Jamie takes it all off at the desert rave


Nothing like hot summer nights and parties in the desert with cutie naked girls! EroticBPM recently added an awesome series of super hot Jamie! She was out at a desert rave and thought it would be fun to shoot some crazy sexy stuff as the sun set behind her.

Adorable Stevie Neko with her Glow Sticks!


EroticBPM wouldn’t be complete without it’s colorful glow sticks and what could add even more excitement to the party? Super hot naked cutie girls like Stevie! This is her first set on the site and we think we’re already in love. Pouty young girls in pigtails, striped stockings, and combat boots is about as yummy as we can imagine, and this series delivers!

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