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Superna nudes in the park


Superna rocks! Not only is she beautiful with her ripped musculature and award-winning back piece by Ryan Brink of Good Neighbor Tattoo, but she even fronts an awesome hard rock band by the same name and is really fun to hang out with. This rainy day GothicSluts set of sexy images taken in the beautiful woodland creek setting really set the mood. We’re looking forward to seeing more of her soon! Check out more of her great ink here.

Spooky Hotbody Go-Go Dancer Nails on EroticBPM


Continuing in it’s tradition of being your source for super hot young hip party girls, EroticBPM doesn’t disappoint with this cute little addition. Her name is Nails. She’s a fun and open bisexual student in the South West who enjoys reading spooky books more than watching television. Her first set on the site even has a handful of sexy bonus shots of her strapped tightly to a big wooden standing x-frame, waiting for attention. Sounds like fun to me!

GothicSluts Szandora Soaping Up in the Hot Shower


Forrest Black noted on this newly posted super steamy set for that he and Amelia G and of course Szandora all had such a blast playing around in Las Vegas, that Amelia couldn’t resist snapping some sexy wet pictures of Szandora cleaning up in the well appointed marble bathroom in their suite. She looks so hot when she’s all wet!

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