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Athena Hollow (finally) On GeekGirlsOnline!


So, I finally got with a photographer the other night, broke out a bunch of old character record sheets, and nakedness ensued!

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Julie Simone in perverse panties and hood


Photographer Lori Mann has a knack for capturing the perverse of Julie Simone in pervy latex, here a matching hood and halter and playfully perverse mint panties, posed and exposed at the top of a staircase. It’s just the right angle at which to enjoy Julie in this RubberDollies set.

Julie Simone hood

Smoking Mary Jane Classic Fifties Pinup


Ah, the 1950s. Eisenhower was in charge, “The Honeymooners” ruled TV, Outfit boss Sam Giancana kept things orderly in Chicago and J. Edgar Hoover fondled his secret files while plotting his assault on left-leaning pinkos who wanted to fluoridate our drinking water. And Senator Estes Kefauver spearheaded a witch-hunt against a pair of Los Angeles photographers for selling dirty pictures of this hot brunette named Smoking Mary Jane… no, wait a second, I got lost in time, there — see what happens when you fuck around with a particle accelerator before breakfast? But seriously, folks: this unbelievably hot Smoking Mary Jane oozes the feel of the fifties in her style and her look; in this Amelia G and Forrest Black Gothic Sluts shoot, she’s all red lingerie, fishnets, black heels and legs to high Heaven. Back in the ’50s, though, we didn’t know about the filthy poses she offers for Amelia & Forrest’s lascivious lens — which is why, I submit, there’s no time like the present, and no chick in the world like Smoking Mary Jane.

Smoking Mary Jane Red Retro

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