Remember when I said I didn’t know what to do because someone was using my art for a game that I was never paid for were I did a VERY large portion of the art used? And I asked to please not use my art?

Well this was posted today.

As I posted in my other post about a month ago, I was invited to work on a game ( on Nov 5, 2012. i have the Deviantart log) but eventually had stop because of school but was constantly guilt tripped to go back to working on the game. I did SEVERAL pieces of art and even did texture maps for the 3D models you see in the trailer even though I had absolutely no training in that medium and even told him several times. Even though I told him I had to leave because of school he still would not stop contacting me to do art for the game. That’s when I asked him to please pay me for future commissions. I did agree to not post any art until after the Kickstarter (even tough he advertises Indigogo

on his site

)  went up in may to june of 2013. But he never did post the Kickstarter/Indigogo and then used my art for promotional purposes anyway without. he also guilt triped me into posting my real name and picture on the website even tough i was fully against it. he has treatend me (I have a log) saying that he would not hire me after the Kickstarter/indigogo that never happened because I refused to do art for him with out pay.

[1:41:56 PM] Mon- Mad King: anyway good luck with the project

[1:50:31 PM] Mon- Mad King: but yeah i cant helps you. sorry

[1:55:39 PM] Davis Andrade: I’ll pay you 20

[1:55:49 PM] Davis Andrade: that’s it

[1:57:26 PM] Mon- Mad King: im sorry i cant.

[1:57:37 PM] Davis Andrade: i’m saying 20 now

[1:57:55 PM] Davis Andrade: the 30 after KS

[1:58:07 PM] Davis Andrade: are you sure?

[1:59:03 PM] Davis Andrade: If you don’t do this

[1:59:31 PM] Davis Andrade: If the Kickstarter is successfull, I won’t hire you

Last year he contacted me again to do art for him even thought I asked for him to do do so and refused to do anymore unless he paid me. he paid half then stopped contacted me entirely until after he needed me again. I declined him and asked him to please pay me for the rest and never contact me again. he contacted me about last week to show me the trailer. i never agreed for my art to be used this way.

This is my proof ( but only of the art that have been made public but I have wip too of it) [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

I have A LOT more concept art as well including works in progresses for things not shone. but I’m afraid to post it up with out getting into legal problems.I DO how ever have logs of discussions with this man. BUT I don’t know if I can’t post it as well.Honestly I’m just really scared because i don’t know what to do. Honestly he can keep the character designs, i just wish for him to stop using my art for promotion completely.

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unless something went skewy with my browser, steam literally just removed a bunch of comments about this containing stolen artwork.

It’s not your Steam glitching, comments are being deleted (for context, I’m Land.Shark on Steam). It’s possible the creator is deleting comments. HOWEVER, please, everyone, just keep reblogging and keep this non-violent.

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