Trivia tonight THURSDAY NIGHT & I’ll be doing a BJ tip show after the 10 token entry Trivia. 1000 token goal! Everyone who tips will be allowed in to watch, but we HAVE to make the goal or no one gets to see anything! So be sure to get your friends in on it ^_^ Here’s the details on Trivia night:

I will be running 2 trivia games:
The first one is a free trivia game. The winner gets their choice of 3 days to or
This game will begin around 11pm eastern

The 2nd game will cost a 10 token tip to enter. It will begin at 12AM eastern.
Everyone who has tipped at least 10 tokens will be able to see the show.
At midnight, I will start up the show, and do strip trivia 🙂
The winner of this game will get a week to either of the sites listed above.

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