As Fantasy Core is loosely based on the 3.5 OGL, I feel it is safe to skip over the primary ability scores, as everyone should already know what those are like. So lets take a sneak peak at Secondary Ability Scores:

Secondary abilities are the attributes that are derived from your primary stats. These include hit points, defense rating, fortitude, willpower, damage reduction, sanity, speed and fatigue. The starting ranks for each of these Secondary Abilities are derived from your Primary Abilities in some way. You can spend 3 character points per rank to increase any of your Secondary Abilities, or decrease them to gain 3 points per rank to spend elsewhere on your character.

Hit Points

Hit points represent the amount of damage your character can take. There are two types of damage: subdual and vitality. Subdual damage is any non-lethal attack, such as a punch or being hit with a stick. Vitality represents any lethal attack, such as damage from a knife, gun or ninja star. The amount of hit points your character has is equal to your constitution score, plus or minus any advantages or disadvantages your character has taken.

Defense Rating

Defense Rating is your ability to dodge attacks. It is equal to your dexterity, plus or minus any Talents or Limitations. Wearing armor heavier than your standard clothing, will hinder your ability to dodge attacks.


Fortitude is your character’s ability to resist noxious and poisonous situations. Your fortitude score is equal to your constitution, plus or minus any advantages or disadvantages. A high fortitude can be extremely useful for assassins, or any setting involving a plague or virus.


Willpower is the ability to resist temptations and mind altering effects. Your willpower is equal to your wisdom score, plus or minus any advantages or disadvantages. Willpower also helps with situations where sanity may come into question.

Damage Reduction

Damage reduction is the amount of damage you can absorb based on the physical armor you are wearing. This can be anything from clothing to full power armor, and anything between and beyond. The damage reduction of any armor will be listed in the description.


Your speed represents the number of squares you can move on a combat map, in any given round. Standardly, one square is equal to 5 feet, but this can be adjusted by your Game Master for his/her particular needs. Your speed is ½ your dexterity, rounded down, plus or minus any advantages or disadvantages.


Your fatigue represents how long you can perform exhausting actions. Your fatigue score is your strength plus constitution divided by 2, rounded down, plus or minus any talents or limitations.


As a character encounters monsters, witnesses horrible acts, masters forbidden knowledge, or casts spells, his Sanity score, and his corresponding ability to function as a normal member of his race, deteriorates. Your sanity score is your Wisdom plus Charisma multiplied by 2 plus or minus any talents or limitations.