I’M HOSTING A RADIO SHOW!!!  Isn’t that exciting!?  It’s a new territory for me, and I can’t wait.  I’ve been on many radio programs over the years, but never got to, like, be the radio boss.  This is going to be so cooool!  AND my buddy (and our record reviewer) CHRIS NIERATKO – who happens to be the funniest man on the planet – will be HOSTING WITH ME!

I’ll be on the radio EVERY SUNDAY from 8 PM – 10 PM PST (that’s 11 PM – 1 AM EST), STREAMING LIVE at http://www.moheak.com!  So tune in and listen for the best Punk, Metal, Hardcore and Indie Pop tracks, picked by yours truly 🙂  And I promise to say some funny and sexy things in between; maybe even have a few guests on there!  Callers can call in to 323-644-3251 to talk too. Call in this week…it will be my first time. I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Joanna Angel