I like to fuck with people. It’s part of what makes me such an awesome poker player. You have to learn how to lead people on and make them think they know ya then shock them with something from out of left field, like holding a royal flush. I know I can look sweet and innocent when I wear a cute sundress or something but if people get a look at my Lady Luck tattoo across my fingers it totally throws them for a loop. It’s like they look at me with this face that says you are so sweet and innocent what are the tattoos all about? If only they knew I was tearing up the internet by posing nude and fucking myself with large dildos and vibrators! So for today’s shoot I play up that duality in me. I put on this cute little dress that screams take me out for a movie and popcorn but underneath I have on these sexy print and lace panties that scream pull me aside and fuck me in the backseat of your car. Granted it’s not in a car, but I do pull my panties over and fuck myself with a big vibrator for you in this shoot. Stick with me guys because I guarantee you I’ll always keep you guessing as to what I’ll do next! Life is to short for boring! Fuck yea! Click here to see more!