This month is full of goodies! New models, Resident Evil 5 review and much more!

First off, our latest model is Starla. Her boyfriend is a photographer for GGO and has a studio set up where he normally shoots fantasy themed sets. You may recognize some of his work from Shiba’s sets, but the weapons are all Starla’s!

In her debut set, she shows off some of her faves from her collection.

Geek Girl Starla

Naked Geek Girl Starla shows off her Medieval weapon collection

Naked Geek Girl Starla shows off her Medieval weapon collection

Naked Geek Girl Starla shows off her Medieval weapon collection

Naked Geek Girl Starla shows off her Medieval weapon collection

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This month’s zine features a review of Resident Evil 5 from our newest writer, Negi:

Resident Evil 5 isn’t exactly the best, but the graphics and storyline of the game is truly epic. It is about betrayal, loyalty and above all, staying the hell alive while protecting each other.

Doc is back (yay!) with his webcomic reviews. For April, he brings us Porterhouse:

Today’s review hits close to home for me. (And also gives me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite things… me!) It’s Porterhouse by Kent Archer and Tom Torre. It chronicles the life of a struggling cartoonist and his sidekick Buster, the genetically enhanced peanut.

The Yarg reviews the latest remake/revisit: Friday the 13th:

In this film, Jason is much scarier than he was in the other 9 that he stars in. Yes, 2 of the films did not have Jason Vorhees. What a shocker! Jason is intelligent, fast, works out things quite well, and is much more methodical in his killings than in his previous films, where he just seemed to go on a rampage once awoken.

Transmissions from Asteroid M. and MaGnUs give us insight into the world of comics attempting to mimic the real world:

As I’ve commented on previous occasions, particularly when I wrote my article on Rising Stars, during the last few years, end of the past decade and the first years of the current one, there’s been a marked trend to set fantastic comic books, in worlds as similar as possible to the real world.

Hedgegoth shares a bit of spring delight with his work “Woodgod Of Spring

AskGarnet!: Masturbating too much?

Is there such a thing? How do you know it’s gone from harmful fun to addiction? Garnet gives a little advice on how to find out and realize when you are just jerking a little more often than you probably should be.

And of course, The List of Things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do in an RPG:

723. If my character is related to a god, it can’t be as a parent.
724. The time machine is not for finishing my set of Disciple autographs.
725. No, there is not a Mr. Of Arc. No, I still can’t hit on her.

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