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December 2008 Newsletter
Updates Last Month GeekZine

December will have some fun, lighthearted sets, all aimed to bring you holiday cheer!

Starting off the month is this super-fun set from Pixie.

Also, expect new stuff from Vivian Winters and more from Athena Hollow, as she gears up to the big start of her new site! And who knows, you wonderful viewers just might get a heads up about a special deal sometime this month for her new site. Be sure to keep your eyes (and inboxes) open!

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Ahh, the month of receiving AND giving, as opposed to November’s “Month of Giving you an extra 3″ in your waistline”.

December 2008 GeekZine

Opening this month’s zine is another “Yarg’s Movie Reviews”. He takes on “Meat Market 1 & 2″.

OK, these movies are several years old, but I will make this a point to add a unknown zombie film I have seen… to bring it to the eyes of people everywhere

Doc and his comic corner is back this month! (Yay!)

The page is currently sub-titled “the non-gaming web comic” but we won’t hold that against him.

The Chronicles of Faerun leaves you wanting for more!

Franka was upset. He was actually crying, softly, in a corner of the Inn’s main room.

“The List” continues with more great ways to piss off your DM:

503. Dwarves do not get Beard Cancer.

And last, but definitely not least, Garnet gives us a little insight into how to handle a situation you aren’t familiar with.

Try to figure out what it is your wife really wants and if you don’t understand, ask questions.

Pixie has a geeky blast in this fun set in the kitchen.

Pixie has a geeky blast in this fun set in the kitchen.

Pixie has a geeky blast in this fun set in the kitchen.

See More Pixie Here!