I was on the balcony at the last San Francisco Fetish Ball watching Scar13 onstage when some guy crowded in next to me pointed and told me “Huh, huh, she used to be my submissive, huh huh.” The guy was probably either a) full of shit, b) telling the truth, or c) something in between. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ll never know, because I was too busy staring rapturously at Scar to turn around and look at the guy. You could travel to the ends of the Earth and you’ll never find a hotter goth chick than Scar. Here, dolled up in black lace, leather, and a Blue Blood sweat shirt, she writhes on a red and black velvet loveseat, strips and spreads herself wide for you. Make no mistake: this bluehaired deathrocker will leave her bloody mark upon your heart.