Just how cool do you have to be to get rockin’ hot girls to come visit your gravestone, drop their panties, and sit their cute ass down on your warm black marble memorial? Apparently, Johnny Ramone fuckin’ cool! That’s right, of the legendary punk icons, the Ramones.

The girls of GothicSluts just love getting naughty in the graveyard, and this is no exception. Playing and flashing and teasing and generally having a good time. GothicSluts features a great collection of spooky beauties being playfully naughty among the dead. They are such peaceful places. Reminders that we should enjoy our lives to the fullest, while we still can. We can’t think of a better way to honor the resting than to share a little sexiness on a perfect day.

This cool set just posted and it sure looks great! Amelia G even got some more cute pictures of the ducks! We love the ducks! Well, almost as much as we love the Ramones.