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February 2010 GeekZine


Video Game Review – Darksiders
Sometimes game designers just need to come up with their OWN original ideas

The Yarg’s Movies – The Hangover
Like it or not, the actors in this movie had entirely too much fun while making it

Geek Artwork – Romance
Awww, even skeles need love too!

The List 1101-1025
1119. I cannot have my mercy surgically removed.

Ask Garnet! – Choose Your Own Adventure
Garnet asks for your help in choosing which video she should review next!

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Scientific Rinoa and November 2008 Newsletter

Newsletter Header
Updates Last Month GeekZine
Welcome to November everyone! This month, there will be some sexy new geeky girls, photos and maybe even a video, if you are REALLY good.To start off the month, we would like to present Rinoa. Athena Hollow has known Rinoa for a few years from other sites, and is very happy to see her join the GeekGirls!

For her debut set, Rinoa shows us all how she takes cosplay to the molecular level :D

Rinoa - Scientific Experiment

November will be the month of cosplay with at least 3 different cosplay sets!

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Athena Hollow We welcome some new blood to the zine this month.

November 2008 GeekZine

Starting off with a new column, The Yarg’s Movie Reviews:

Definitely old school film, made in 1954, THEM! was the first horror film to bring up negative effects wrought upon the earth.

Hedgegoth gives us the reminder to vote on Tuesday, November 4th, with a little gamer inspired artwork.

The continuation of The Chronicles of Faerun, with Chapter 5: How Chang Xiu the Honor Fanatic Joined My Company, or – “How I acquired a permanent pain in my a$$!”

Damarra still had that bounty going – on ears! Orc, goblin, troll (now that’s a tough one! Since they regenerate NEW trolls!), bandits, hobgoblins – you name it, they paid a bounty.

“The List” has some particularly funny-bone picking “Don’ts” this month:

461. Tasha’s Uncontrollably Hideous Sister is not a real spell.
463. Even if it is hip to be square, I still can’t play a Modron.

And finally, Garnet helps out a reader make up his mind on cock-rings:

As far as what I think is best, well I feel that is a matter of opinion. But I do stress that if the man in question is new to using a cock ring, he should use one that is easy to remove if necessary.

Vivian Winters
Scarlett Sin

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