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Dirty Rubber Fun in Kayla’s Kinky Kitchen


Those dirty girls of Blue Blood’s are at it again. Kinky Kayla takes a much needed break from a hard day in the kitchen and ends up on the counter, with her long legs wide, and one of her favorite cool looking big clear rubber sex toys sliding deep in her slick soaked pussy. The photography in this series looks amazingly artistic and still captures the most erotic and explicit details right up close. Every intimate exciting detail is exposed in this otherworldly dream-like scene. Kayla looks so hot and dominant in that black shiny dress too! It makes you want to get down on your knees and help her get off. Check out the great stuff going on at!

Kinky Superna Enjoys Sex Slave Scar13


This two part set is unbelievably sexy. Tattoo superstar Superna and Gothic cutie Scar13 start getting ready for a crazy night on the town but as soon as the flirty naked girls get done with their makeup, Superna decides to stay in and just have her fun dominating submissive Scar13. Pretty soon Scar is all bound up and bent over with roses in her mouth, hot ass in the air, and you’ve got to see how many different makeup brushes Superna slips inside slave Scar13’s amazing perfect pussy at once! Not to mention the spanking and kissing and licking… This set is really beautiful because you can really tell this kinky pair are so turned on by each other! Check out Scar13, you’re going to love it.

Vintage Hollywood Fetish Dolly Madeleine Sophie


Those Gothic girls sure know how to dress. This recent series on Blue Blood’s GothicSluts is really fun. Fetish Dolly Madeleine Sophie is getting ready for a night on the town in old Hollywood style. Her classic glamour girl look complimented by the vintage Mercedes conversable, or course. Fortunately for us, she lets her own top down as well! The mix of beautiful movie queen style with the modern tattoos and piercings is just really wonderfully sexy to us here. Check out the whole series over on Blue Blood’s GothicSluts! It’s going to be a hit.

Nikki Vega Loves Shiny Sexy Latex


Nikki Vega has just joined the ranks of RubberDollies fetish stars and WOW what an addition to the collection she is! We LOVE her awesome fun tattoos and those amazing breasts with perfectly pierced nipples, yummy! The dress she is wearing totally rocks too! The clear electric blue rubber showing off all the exciting details of her stunning body! She’s certainly one of our new favorites and we’re looking forward to seeing more of her in the near future! But for now, check out this great set over on Blue Blood’s

BarelyEvil Woodland Nymph Sasha Grey


Where does BarelyEvil find these amazing women? What sort of sacrificial ritual do I have to concoct to have access to girls this fucking hot? Sasha Grey just enchants me. I could gaze at her, breathless, till the end of days. I love their taste in beautiful sexy girls.

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