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espionagecosmetics: They’re HERE, they’re HERE!!! PRESALE…



They’re HERE, they’re HERE!!! PRESALE begins meow! Get your hands on these nostalgic Cartridge Compacts by Espionage Cosmetics! These convenient Cartridges hold our exclusive pressed eyeshadows and can be interchanged to hold whatever shade you’re rocking for the day! 

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I am so incredibly exhausted from “feminists” slutshaming (or celebrating the …


I am so incredibly exhausted from “feminists” slutshaming (or celebrating the slutshaming of) Kim Kardashian. Kim is problematic yes but not because she has a sex tape that was leaked without her permission and not because she posts nudes on the internet. She’s also more than her sex tape, as she’s worked hard alongside the devs of her game, as just one example.

Just exhausted because every attack on her “only being famous for having sex” feels like an attack on me personally, with damn good reason. Stop this shit or stop calling yourself a feminist after doing it.

“Twitter isn’t the proper grounds for a political debate”“Facebook isn’t the proper grounds for a…


“Twitter isn’t the proper grounds for a political debate”

“Facebook isn’t the proper grounds for a political debate”

“Protests aren’t the proper grounds for a political debate”

Then fucking direct me to where the proper grounds ARE, because it seems to me like you’re just dismissing and ignoring all of our fucking concerns.

espionagecosmetics: It’s #giveaway time! We’ve partnered with…



It’s #giveaway time! We’ve partnered with Quirk Books to invite you on an adventure with Elizabeth Bennet and her family as they battle zombies in the Regency Era. How can you join? Follow the link below for more info and a chance to win the three books that received so much attention, it kicked off the new movie Pride + Prejudice + Zombies!

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The Yaya Han fabrics are in at Joann Fabrics



And I feel as if you guys need to know about these.  Because I don’t want some unsuspecting cosplayer to waste their money.  Before I go on, I want to say that I am a costume maker and I have a degree in costume and fashion technology.  As a part of that degree I had to learn a ton about fabrics and I handle fabrics that range from $2 – $200 a yard every day.


So I came in to this yesterday.  A cart full.  We didn’t get too many, you can see they all have the Yaya Han logo on them and they all say “Cosplay by Yaya Han” on the end.  They all cost $19.99 (on the Joann website, they actually have some that are even more expensive) and are not going on sale any time soon.

Included in what was there are these:


7 metallic 4 way stretch fabrics. 1 of these is a print (the red scales??).  They’re very similar to the “performance fabrics” that are actually across from these in the aisle.  However, they’re extremely cheaply made and stick to each other.  I can already foresee the horror of having to measure these, all that loud peeling noise of having to separate it all from itself. The only really useful color that was there was the metallic black, which looks a bit like wet look leggings.  The unfortunate thing is that directly across the aisle is the exact same thing.  For cheaper.  You’re basically paying extra for her name to be on them.


Next is the stretch pleather and the twill.  The pleather was grey, that was the only one there.  It was VERY thin, I could see it pretty much only being used for a body suit or leggings, but the color was so odd I don’t know what costume would use it.  The thing was.  Again. It was cheaply made.  It was brand new just out of the plastic and already peeling off of the backing.  Truthfully, this was the one thing I was sort of excited about in this line and I’d happily use a 50% or 60% off coupon on a couple of yards if it was more substantial.  It’s the only thing in this line so far that I feel the price is worth it, if it was thicker. (Please note that Joann HAS a stretch pleather for $12.99.  It doesn’t stretch as much as this, but it works very well for nice tight sleeves)

The twill is described as “corset twill”, however, it’s NOT coutil.  I could see it being a nice replacement for it, but it’s not as thick.  The weave is nice (you can see it sort of), but again, something that Joann already sells for $9.99.


And finally, the brocades.  They’re all polyester nylon blend.  The color range isn’t bad and Joann purposely put their peacock brocade on clearance because they were getting these.  The thing was, I was sort of hoping for a range.  Something different that wasn’t already there, something good for things like Game of Thrones costumes.  What we got was exactly what we already had, just 60″ instead of 45″.  Except for the second blue one (which is peacock feathers) all of the designs are the same paisley.  You’re basically paying $10 just for 15 extra inches wide.

I want to see the rest of the collection, there’s a rib knit I found online in it that’s $29.99 and I need to see what the big deal about this is, when there’s rib knit at Joann for $9.99 already.  In my opinion, right now, it’s not worth it.  Don’t waste your money, it’s cheap, it sticks to itself, and it’s exactly what’s already at Joann.  The pleather is the only thing I would spend my money on and you can buy it online for cheaper. (It’s $15 at Mood and at Spandex World).  These should be out at all Joanns and others may have what we don’t so please feel free to add onto this post as you see fit.  But this is my personal review out of the package of the Yaya Han cosplay fabrics.

Doesn’t seem worth it :-/

consulting-criminal-fan: Shaving your legs. More like yoga in the shower with razor blades. Watch…



Shaving your legs. More like yoga in the shower with razor blades.

Watch out for that drop of shampoo you spilled earlier.

My class today


Me: So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl’s hair…
Students: He likes her!
Me: Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
Students: That is just how boys are.
Me: Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and–
Students: Oh, that’s not okay.
Me: Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children’s lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
Students: Oh.
Me: Oh, is right.

Harassment of Underage Jewish Bloggers



@staff I am tired. I am tired of feeling unsafe on this website, I am tired of the harassment, the antisemitic messages, and the Neo-Nazi blogs. I am tired of having to block one user after another, thinking that one day the number of antisemites on this website right? Wrong. They only seem to grow in number because you all continue to ignore Jewish bloggers begging you to do something about it. Is the antisemitism we experience on here not hateful enough for you? Maybe what happened to me today will change your mind. I received some of the most disgusting hate I have ever seen on this website. 


A user took my photo and defaced it with vile antisemitic images. Even when I blocked them, they STILL managed to reblog my posts and continue harassing me.Now there are now adult men running Neo-Nazi blogs happily reblogging that picture of me, a teenage girl, because YOUR site allows for this type of interaction. And I am not alone. Every single Jewish blogger on this website is tired of dealing with this. We’re tired of you not responding or caring. 

So I’m asking my followers and the rest of the Tumblr community to reblog this. Let @staff that this is not okay, that this isn’t what Tumblr is about, and that you won’t stand for this. Please, show me and the rest of the Jewish community on here that atleast someone is willing to stand up for us because right now @staff refuses to. 

Got a package of Tastykake minis from Influenster, to check out & share my opinion on.I got the…


Got a package of Tastykake minis from Influenster, to check out & share my opinion on.

I got the peanut butter ones and they were a big hit in my house :)

Be sure to check out Tastykake on facebook and instagram!

Seth Gamble is such a n00b – Larkin Love is going to help him…


Seth Gamble is such a n00b – Larkin Love is going to help him build a character for Pathfinder in more ways than one! Roll for initiative! for more!

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