Ahh, the Queen of Cosplay is back from vacation in South America and she brought us this unbelievably sexy video! In fact, it’s Zelda’s video debut on GeekGirlsOnline!

As the VERY hot Chun-Li, Zelda titillates and tantalizes as she masturbates both in and out of costume. Check out the preview below, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Check out this hot video (and more!) on GeekGirlsOnline

Also, picking up the slack around these parts finally, I have the June 2010 GeekZine up and running!

MaGnUs gives very awesome points as to why he feels Mandarin shouldn’t be the villain for Iron Man 3, Negi’s review of Splinter Cell: Conviction, The ‘List of things Mr. Welch Can No Longer Do in an RPG” is back, a fantastic sketch of  a flying  from resident geek artist Hedgegoth and a very insightful article from Garnet about the possibilities of sex addiction.

Check out June 2010′s GeekZine