That time of year again already! GeekGirlsOnline presents their wrap up of Gen Con 2010!

A (mostly) gaming and Gen Con related zine is a great way to end it all, too.  Our own Loz even jumped in and wrote what I think is one of the funniest and best articles we’ve ever had. We’ve titled it “Fear and Loathing at Gen Con 2010″ as it is quite on the same lines of a Hunter S. Thompson/Gonzo article.

Next, we have the obligatory Gen Con gallery. Hotties hotties hotties (and some KICK ASS fucking costumes) at Gen Con this year, though we’d expect absolutely nothing less.

After you delve into the crevasses of Gen Con, make sure you head over the fun and always wacky TheGlen to make sure you are aware of the 10 Do’s & Don’ts of how the Camarilla suggests you avoid a whereshark attack.

Of course, no Gen Con edition is complete without a roleplaying article! MaGnUs gives some very in-depth pointers on how to make sure your next character truly comes to life with his article titled “More Than Just A Bunch Of Stats: Character Backgrounds In Roleplaying Games”.

And last, but never least, The Yarg has a review of (as we in the US know it by) “Pirate Radio”. This was considered one of the best movies of 2009, now you can read why!

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And since you were all so patient in waiting for this absolutely fantastic (and I still profess, our BEST) GeekZine, I present you with an extra update this week :) Athena Hollow masturbating while playing Diablo II…. Yep. You read that right folks! Check out the preview video below!

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