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A video posted by @burning_angel on to see the official full music video for #oface!
The “O Face” video is live at ! @joannaangel @juliusvontrapp @geminiblitz @lucilletiamore
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Sarah Rose – Metal Nerd


Welcome the newest Geek Girl, Sarah Rose. A music geek, console gamer and fellow midwesterner :)

In her debut set, Sarah shows off some of her favorite Metal items ^_^

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Dani Jan The Music Woman


Music enthusiasts everywhere are freaking out because Dani Jan is molesting various musical devices with her tongue, tits and ass in her debut set on GeekGirlsOnline :)

Check out Dani Jan’s Profile

Also, don’t forget! We’re halfway through the month which means there’s only a couple of weeks left for the First Annual GGO Scavenger Hunt! If you haven’t been informed, or are just lost by choice, please read this:

We are doing something unheard of: Giving away 6 free months of naked, hot, geeky girl porn to one lucky, and witty, user! That’s right. We are starting an annual tradition: The GeekGirlsOnline Scavenger Hunt.

The rules are pretty simple: either go online or go out in the world (Scary thought, I know) and gather pictures that pertain to 30 simple (ok MOSTLY simple) clues.  Of course, you gain more points by taking a picture of one of the clues in real life, but some things are just hard to come by! :cough:zelda porn:cough:

The point of this whole thing is to give one very awesome viewer a 6 month subscription to GeekGirlsOnline, as well as a GGO Teeshirt, stickers and poster featuring some of the Geek Girls themselves :)

For full contest rules, and of course clues, please check out this month’s GeekZine. Oh, and let’s not forget the fantastic articles too!

June 2009’s GeekZine

So you better hurry! Time’s running low ;)

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