Yay! A new model to add to the Geek Girl ranks :) We welcome Dracula loving Mina Morgan ^_^

Mina is an artist and spends most of her time doing things involving painting. From paintballing on the weekends, to jazzing up her Warhammer: Fantasy minitures, she’s elbow deep in reds, blues and greens.

Mina’s first set features her as a barbarian huntress :) Enjoy the previews!

Geeky Cosplay - Mina Morgan Barbarian

Geeky Cosplay - Mina Morgan Barbarian

Geeky Cosplay - Mina Morgan Barbarian

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Also, I want to take a quick moment to inform all the followers of GGO that we have 3 lovely models involved in a contest right now, that everyone should vote daily for! Alice Malice, Zelda & Lizzy Kaelar are participating in a contest via facebook that if they hit the top 12 in, on June 1st, will win a free ride to Gen Con Indy as well as be featured in an all geek girl calendar! Everyone should vote EVERY DAY!!

We can help them win this. And think of the awesome sets we can shoot if Athena Hollow, Zelda, Alice and Lizzy all meet up! ^_^ COSPLAY EXPLOSION PEOPLE!

So, bookmark these 3 links and vote once a day and help your lovely GGO models!




We can do this!