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It was your average day at the Clitty City Public Library. Joanna Angel was running the place as usual, and Asphyxia, Draven and Kleio were stocking the shelves and rolling the carts. But everything changed when James Deen came in…and tried to take out a book! He had more than two-hundred overdue library books! A complete disgrace to the community. He still wanted that book, though…in fact, he wanted to rob the library clean! But the girls had pledged their souls to the Dewey Decimal System and refused to give in…if he wanted those books, he was gonna have to fuck for them…and fuck hard. Both parties fearlessly determined, hot sex between the book stacks and fucking-and-sucking in the “Reference” section ensues. At the end of the day, these girls might PUT OUT – but they won’t let him CHECK OUT! Who will win this battle of the book bulge?