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Saya says : “My feet and butt have been my most focused-on…


Saya says : “My feet and butt have been my most focused-on features since joining the professional porn world. I’ve had my feet licked & toes sucked on and I’ve given foot jobs – all of which were surprisingly arousing. My booty gets attention for its roundness, which is only exacerbated by having so much sex; it grew half of an inch over the last month! It’s bruised again because I met someone whose sexual depravity perfectly complements my own. I’ve never felt so alive as I do when he’s spanking my ass or choking me out; I’ve never met someone who illicits this desire of total submission from me. We’ve gone to extremes that I didn’t even know I’d like, but have awakened a deeper arousal than I’ve ever experienced. It’s been cathartic, but we have to cool it because I can’t wear bruises all of the time.”

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Catherine – “A Real Pro” – Join for…


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