VIDEO GAME REVIEWS ARE COMING BACK TO BURNINGANGEL!!!…and we’re calling on all Members/Viewers who want to WRITE THEM!  Sort of like a BurningAngel Video Game Review democracy – for the people, by the people!  So yeah…the floor is open for anyone who wants to to submit a Video Game Review!  No schedules, deadlines or even a promise to write more than one…just an open invitation to submit a review if you like video games and wanna talk about ‘em.

And while we can’t compensate you with money, we CAN compensate you with PORN!  Every reviewer who submits 8 use-able reviews will be rewarded with a BURNINGANGEL DVD! 

So how does one become a BurningAngel Video Game Reviewer ? 

1. Choose a Video Game of your choice (we can’t provide you with games, so whatever you have/play/etc.).  Obviously current games are preferred, but if you want to review The Legend of Zelda original (above…and YES!), we won’t stop you!

2. Write a review…whatever you want to say about the video game, let it rip.  Review MUST BE 300 Words MIN and 500 Words MAX.  No exceptions!!! You don’t have to be a BA Member to write a review, so tell all your friends! And finally, review must be written in English.  Sorry; we’re not multi-lingual just yet, but we’re tryin’ for it.  Have patience. 

3. Email your review to  If you have a Username, feel free to include it.  And let her know how you’d like to be credited, if not with your Username (she can link directly to your Member Profile, so everyone knows how cool you are).

4. Bask in your BurningAngel Words stardom, write 7 more reviews, and await the best porno DVD that will ever be mailed to you!

Got questions? Write Jojo.BurningAngel@gmail.comGot comments? POST THEM HERE!