Hello everyone, welcome to my public journal!

I remember these where very popular around a certain time and I figured, why not make my own!

My name is Piper, but I actually go by Pinky!

I suffer from several issues like DID, OLD and Autism! I have sensory issues that are triggered everyday due to my family not really caring how I feel in a situation

I’m going into grade 11 and I’m an art major! I draw and make bracelets, I’m also going into making my own candy. I own one cat and two dogs, a tuxedo and two Great Danes names Fang, Bella and Bear!

My goal in life is to find happiness, but everytime I think I’ve found it, it’s seemed to crumble before me.

I don’t have friends, well.. I do, but they’re more mutuals as we have grown distant! I’ve lost allot of friends recently due to a small dispute on discord and they kicked me out of MY OWN server, so I am reasonably still pissed off!

This is my first time with a tumblr and I hope people welcome me with open arms!

Check out BrokenDollz for more alt porn pics and video like this.