We had people emailing all week to find out if we were updating, and kept you all on your toes! Of COURSE We’re Going to update this week, but we felt it best to hold off until Friday, since it is Christmas, and we have some AWESOME sexy Gayle Fett-ness going on Smiley

Gayle is modeling her Asian Star Wars shirt, with very little else Smiley We felt it best to dub this set Jidai Geki since that’s what gave Jedi’s their name. According to IMDB:

The word “Jedi” is derived from the Japanese words “Jidai Geki” which translate as “period adventure drama.” A period adventure drama is a Japanese TV soap opera program set in the samurai days. George Lucas mentioned in an interview that he saw a “Jidai Geki” program on TV while in Japan a year or so before the movie was made and liked the word.

Seemed very fitting!

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