Although, as a writer, Amelia G merrily debunks much of what one might associate with St. Patrick’s Day. She points out that the holiday kind of started in the Americas, the whole leprechaun thing can be attributed to Disney, shamrocks were ganked from the Pagans, and green beer was definitely not utilized in the Irish celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day when all the pubs were legally closed until the 1970’s. Nonetheless, as a photographer, Amelia G says she loves the iconography of the holiday. And who can resist lucky clovers and a teeny leprechaun hat when sexy Ariel X is the model!? BarelyEvil members are sure to enjoy there being two hot sets of Ariel in green. We hear the original color for the holiday was blue, but green really works on Ariel, as photographed by Blue Blood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black.

Ariel X St. Patrick's Day