EroticBPM has really great girls and a really cool interactive community where members really get to know one another, share their taste in music and parties, and learn all about what exactly the beautiful models they have are really like. We thought it was really entertaining and enlightening when Cadence described herself to a newer member participating on the extensive EroticBPM community forum as follows: “Ok, I like Oi and Ska, alot of different types of weapons. I read to much and I am quite anti-social. I don’t get into politics, It’s a losing battle, depending on what side you’re on. I’m still in college. I have a hot ass according to Garnet. What do you want to know?” At which point the member asked her like a bazillion questions and you’ll really have to check out the site to see all the cool stuff this amazingly hot and dangerous young lady is into. I just can’t get enough of her.