When asked about this stylishly sexy creative shoot available on Scar13.com, Scar had the following to say:

When working with Kelly and Alex, I am always excited at the collaborative effort put into our shoots. Normally I am all about thin eyebrows, bright lighting, hooker stilettos and sexy black clothes. However, they have completely different tastes about what is sexy. Luckily I really like their taste and it is fun to have Alex do my hair and make-up in ways I normally would not do or even know how to do it! I always bring clothes that have a funkier, more colorful palette and Alex weeds through my suitcase and puts together outfits that I end up looking at and thinking “why didn’t I think of putting those together?” Anyhow, we recently shot these pix which have a disco fever kinda feel :-) Hope ya like ‘em!! ~Scar

The outfit even matches herslick silver vibrator! Check her site out to see them all: Scar13.com