Scar 13 occasionally even braves the bright sunshine for a sexy shoot and we certainly thank her for this one! She looks stunning with her raven black hair and her her flowing transparent purple gown blowing in the breeze, her sexy custom crafted glass toy sparkling in the sun. She shows us haw she likes to use it too! Hot stuff indeed! Check out all the great stuff she has going on and coming off these days, all on her site!

Amelia G describes the shoot “I do love the color purple and we’d just gotten in both a new camera and some new glass toys, so it was just required that Scar and I head up to the roof and perturb passers-by. The funniest part was when she leaned, stark naked, over the side and asked me if I thought people could see her. Judging from the way traffic stopped just then, I’d say yes.
–Amelia G”