According to Forrest Black and Amelia G, their most recent GothicSluts shoot with Voltaire must have set some new world records for fastest sets they ever shot. It was a really cold day. Okay, it wasn’t cold by the standards of any place which really has cold days, but this is Los Angeles. Even though it was chilly, their last shoot had been rained out, so Voltaire decided they should hit the beach no matter what this time. They had some concepts which required warmer weather, but it still seemed like a good idea. Note to Gothic types who might not go to the beach that often: it gets a lot colder than areas more inland do on days like this. Who knew? So anyway, they took their time drinking coffee and wandering around and hanging out before they finally got things underway and the day got steadily colder. The first spot they shot in was an incredibly naughty place and they only had six minutes total to shoot in and, for reasons of discretion, they couldn’t use the whole time. The second spot they shot in, they did everything in under five minutes because it was getting pretty icy for Angelenos. This lifeguard booth was the last location of the day and it was unfuckingbelievably cold (for LA.) Checking the timestamps, they shot this series in literally just over two minutes. Go Amelia, Forrest, and Voltaire! I love the cool moody feel they managed to capture here.