EroticBPM superstar Saia returns in a super hot schoolgirl skirt and oh how we love the big black boots! Fans and admirers of Saia wanted to know a bit more about this fun exhibitionist cutie, so here are some fun facts to know about her that we’ve gathered from the extensive profile she has available on EroticBPM:

Food Saia enjoys: waffles, egg rolls, cabbage, pineapple, ham and havarti cheese sammiches, anything with garlic

What does she drink: Dr Pepper, Quervo 1800 Tequilla, Bombay Saphire, coffee

…and most importantly…

Saia’s Turn Ons: Aesthetically: bone structure, hip bones and collar bones that stick out, protuberant veins and joints, symmetry/ proportion, light colored eyes Generally: twisted, perverse things, getting/ giving head, trying new things, pleasing my boy

Get to know her and see a lot more of her too, on EroticBPM