There’s a really big conflict going on in Mozilla right now. I want to support the company itself, as it has made very clear statements on it’s support of equal rights. I want to stand with those people, and say thank you to them. However, I don’t know what they were thinking when they chose their CEO, knowing that this information was publicly accessible. (And his non-apology of “I’m sorry people were hurt” doesn’t really help.)

I’m just torn about it all. I don’t begrudge anyone that doesn’t support Mozilla at this time, but I also want to point out how it’s very different than the situations with companies like Chic-Fil-A, in that the CEOs of those companies represented themselves as the figureheads of those companies, while making their attacks against equal rights. They used their status in the company to further their voice and their money. Brendan Eich did his $1000 donation to Prop 8 nearly 6 years ago with no association to Mozilla, since he was only appointed this past week (and was chosen specifically because he was outside of Mozilla).

So, at the moment, I will make my voice heard in the same way that those who work for Mozilla are – in that I still support the company, but if they continue with this CEO things will inevitably end badly for them – with millions withdrawing any support.