So, since my miscarriage, I wasn’t allowed to have sex because of possible infection. So, we waited till all the bleeding stopped, and are JUST NOW TODAY to a point where it’s safe again. Also, we hadn’t had sex for about a week before I went to the hospital for the first time, because I was slightly worried about stuff (and tired, and sick, and just plain miserable.)

yea, i’ve gone like 3 weeks without at this point
im to the point of keeling over
it’s like placing a pan of brownies in front of me and saying “oh yea, don’t touch these for 3 weeks”


“they are magical brownies that won’t get stale.”
and then making me stay in the house with that pan of brownies
taunting me with it’s chocolatey goodness…. rubbing all up on me and shit
the brownies making little mini cupcakes…. they work for a sweet tooth but nowhere NEAR as good as the goddamn brownies

i am not into food play but its been long enough that that kinda turned me on

i’m not into food play either. i just couldn’t come up with a better analogy than that
And now I want brownies…